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Our Homes Green Living

At Fraser Shores Retirement Village 2 we are proud to announce that our homes have an average energy rating of 7½ stars with some particular designs achieving an energy rating of 9 stars. Our homes consume about 106,000 litres of water per year - less than a standard home!

The following environmentally sustainable features are included in our home designs:

  • A fresh airflow design to encourage natural ventilation
  • High quality ceiling fans
  • Increased ceiling and wall insulation to reduce heat absorption
  • Tile roofs and brick veneer construction maximise temperate control
  • Near-organically maintained gardens, which are professionally designed and stocked with beautiful plants suited to our local environment
  • Larger vegetation to increase air quality and provide shading for homes
  • Energy efficient compact fluorescent light globes
  • Shaded outdoor living areas that are open to allow cross-flow ventilation
  • Glazed windows
  • Architecturally designed homes orientated North/South wherever possible to maximise energy efficiency, with garages on western walls to minimise heat absorption in living areas

  • Available extras include:

  • Light colour tones for external surfaces/roof increasing sunlight reflection and decreasing heat
  • High efficiency air conditioning
  • Water saving fixtures and appliance