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Residents say - Fraser Shores 1

We love living at Fraser Shores because the residents are so friendly and supportive when needed. They have a very varied social program and having a 24-hour emergency call tuner on the wall is an added bonus.
O & D Plester

As a single woman, the feeling of security and belonging has enhanced my life and my wellbeing.
Mrs M Bierwirth

It may be an ordinary residential area just like any other, BUT the good thing is your neighbours and friends look out for you and to know that by lifting your telephone or pushing a button help is at your side within minutes is a great comfort. What more can you want?
Les & Sylvia Lyon

Security, quiet, activities, friendship and convenience.
Coralie List

Hard to name a favourite part of life here. The people are friendly. Vickie, Brenda and Jan are always willing to help us. Always something to do in the Grange. We have a good president, Ray, and his wife to help us. People greet you with a smile. Also the committee do so much to entertain us, thank you all. Peaceful living.
Marion Calpow

Just love the pool, love the company and friendliness of village life. Plus the security.
Tony & Pat Johnson

Being on my own, I appreciate the friendliness of the neighbours. I enjoy the activities that take place in the clubhouse. The fact that the gardeners do such a good job, is a bonus; and the quality of the building is of a high standard.
Mrs. Betty Footitt

I like the management, they are very nice and helpful people. The gardeners are nice, busy keeping the place nice. Plenty to do here, can't be bored. Friendly people, great neighbours, near the shops, doctors, chemist, blood tests and other things. This is home to me and I love it. Thank you all.
Mary Clement

Charming community, easy access to local shops and business. Varied activities and facilities and especially the pool. Our cordial relationship with staff. I love the people and the gym.
Peg Bentley

Residents say - Fraser Shores 2

We have retired members of the Armed Forces, we have former Executive Directors of the largest companies in Australia, we have retired Senior Public Servants responsible for the running of the country, retired members of the Constabulary, retired Teachers of our future generations and above all we have HAPPY PEOPLE. Short people, tall people, happy people, people from many countries and all living in the surrounds of our very own beautiful OASIS.
Join our gatherings in the OASIS at one of our many functions, at our licenced bar or have evening drinks prior to dinner at home or with neighbours. Relish the conversation, the mingling of accents and above all, the laughter of happy people.
Come join us in our own UNITED NATIONS.
Jim Wilson

The village is peaceful and well laid out, amenities are first class and the staff are on the ball. Dad and I should have moved here years ago, but I would have been too young.
Ted & Tony Wilkins

Whenever you go out of your home, there is always somebody with a friendly smile, a wave or ready for a chat.
Marion Macpherson

When thinking about moving from our previous home, the most important thing to us was to be able to build an affordable home of our choice in modern and attractive surroundings. Also, we needed to feel safe and secure and at the same time be close to all amenities. Here at Fraser Shores 2 Hervey Bay we have it all.
Jim & Pat Bagwall