Are you ready for retirement living?

At Fraser Shores Hervey Bay, we are keen to help and to welcome you to our community, making the experience the start of an exciting next phase of your life. But we understand there are lots of things to consider before making the move, including costs and ownership, and what life might be like in our village.

What to consider
You’ll have plenty to think about before moving into your new home. Moving can be an exciting experience, but also requires some consideration. You want to be as sure as possible that you’re making the correct choice for you. We encourage you to do your own research (including seeking independent legal and financial advice). The Retirement Living Council’s Book of Wise Moves is a great place to start.
Costs and ownership
We are only too happy to talk you through the costs of moving into Fraser Shores Hervey Bay retirement village and what ownership looks like. Here is a brief overview to get you started.
Frequently asked questions
We answer the most common questions we get asked about Fraser Shores Hervey Bay, covering all the ins and outs of living in our retirement village.
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